Reedy Creek Restoration Project Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: June 4th, 2019

What a great day to celebrate our Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project! This project has transformed Reedy Creek into a healthy stream system. It restored, enhanced and preserved over 40,000 feet of stream. We’ve improved water quality, fish and aquatic habitat, and restored an environmental gem for our residents to enjoy today and for generations to come. Thank you to our partners!

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Join us for the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project Ribbon-cutting Ceremony on June 4th

Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project

Reedy Creek Stream Restoration is complete!

Construction on the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration project is now 100% complete. Planting crews have installed native plants throughout the project. Wildlife has already been spotted enjoying the newly restored habitat. The trails are now open for the public to enjoy as well, including two new bridges in the park. The City will continue to monitor the success of the project over the next five years. Continue to check back for annual updates and photos.