Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration project. If you can’t find the answer here don’t hesitate to contact us.

01. What is stream restoration?

Stream restoration repairs a damaged stream to a more natural condition. The City of Charlotte has a web page which provides more information on stream restoration. Visit web page »

02. How does stream restoration help the environment?

Eroded or damaged streams are bad for the environment because sediment from the stream banks gets into the water. Water that is cloudy from sediment stresses fish and other aquatic life. The sediment may drop out onto the stream bed, which could cover up aquatic habitats.

If a stream has eroded its bed and is very deep, water may not get out of the channel and onto the stream’s floodplain during big storms. A floodplain is important because it helps to slow down storm water flow. Slow moving water on a floodplain may infiltrate into the ground, or it may puddle up for a while. When water infiltrates into the soil, the soil acts like a filter and removes pollutants. When water puddles up on top of the soil, pollutants can drop out of the water. Either way, an active floodplain helps remove pollutants and makes the water quality better.

03. When will the project be built?

Click here to view the project schedule »

04. What will the stream restoration construction look like?

There will be large construction equipment, bare soil, and some trees will be cut down for access. Construction equipment will need to cross the streams and work in the streams. Stream water may be pumped around the construction work area. Construction will last 12-24 months. We will save as many trees as possible during construction and will replant shrubs and trees when we finish. Below are images from other Wildlands Engineering, Inc. and North State Environmental projects during and after construction.


05. I received a phone call from Wildlands Realty about my land. How and why are they involved?

Wildlands Realty, LLC has been hired by CMSWS for assistance in negotiating easements along certain streams of the Reedy Creek Park. The process of negotiating easements takes place to enhance the design of the project. Wildlands Realty, LLC was retained due to their unique understanding of conservation easements and of this particular project.

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