Capture a #NewReedyCreek photo next time you are at the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve!

Have you noticed the yellow photo point posts in the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve? These were installed by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation where the trails cross the stream restoration project to help document the changes through time. The above time sequence of Reedy Creek was assembled from images captured and posted to social media exclusively by citizens! Next time you are at the park, don’t forget to post your own picture from one of these posts, and use the hashtag #NewReedyCreek to be part of the project!

It’s Spring at Reedy Creek!

Many native wildflower species are in bloom this spring at Reedy Creek! The project restored and enhanced many different habitats, including streams, wetlands, and forests, each of which supports different types of plants. Wildflowers emerging below the tree canopy include mayapples, violet wood sorrel, and jack in the pulpit. Sightings also included one uncommon species found in wetter streamside soils called the atamasco lily. This lily is also known as the Easter Lily since it usually blooms around Easter (fourth photo). Wildlands is delighted by the diversity of species growing at the project so soon after construction and cannot wait to see what blooms next!

The Reedy Creek Site Continues to Thrive!

It’s been three years since construction wrapped up at the Reedy Creek site.  The floodplain vegetation continues to thrive, and the trees planted after construction have now grown above the tall grasses!   This natural progression in forest growth is exciting to see.  These riparian areas will continue to provide habitat and support animals as they grow and change.