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For Immediate Release: September 26, 2014

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Storm Water Services launches its largest single Stream Restoration Project ever

Charlotte, North Carolina – Charlotte‐Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is partnering with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation on the City’s largest single stream restoration project ever‐ The Reedy Creek Restoration Project. This project will restore and preserve approximately 7.5 miles of streams and 5 acres of wetlands within, and just outside of, the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve, a 737‐acre county park in Charlotte.

This project will improve water quality, be a model for interagency cooperation, and  enhance knowledge of stream restoration for the region.

“We are excited to partner with Storm Water Services to restore and protect this incredibly valuable community asset. The restored streams and wetlands of the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve will be enjoyed by many generations to come,” said Chris Matthews, Division Director-Nature Preserve and Natural Resources at Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation.

The restoration project is funded by the City’s Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank. This Bank enables the City to fund the restoration of streams and wetlands in watersheds where infrastructure projects unavoidably impact them. Infrastructure projects can move forward with limited cost and time delays, and water quality improvement projects are strategically implemented where they are needed most.

“The Reedy Creek Stream Restoration project will improve our local environment and create opportunities for infrastructure projects like roads, light rail and utilities,” said Storm Water Services Project Manager William Harris. “It’s a win‐win for residents and the environment. Efforts like the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration initiative are what give Charlotte a healthy environment and a competitive edge.”

Wildlands Engineering, Inc., an ecosystem restoration firm, has teamed with stream restoration contractor North State Environmental, Inc. to design and construct this project.  Preliminary design plans will be complete in the spring of 2016 and construction is expected to begin in late 2016. For project updates, look for information at Reedy Creek Park or online at

Media Contact:
Kristen O’Reilly
Water Quality Education Specialist Charlotte‐Mecklenburg Storm Water Services 704‐517‐0814 (cell)

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